Sunburst Natural Fist (Tai Yang Tzu Jan Men)

The newest “fad” in martial arts is being called “mixed martial arts”. In the 1990’s, the Gracie family started a fighting event that was billed as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This was an event that was used to promote their family style of Jujitsu, and was nothing more than a popular form of fighting event held in Brazil that was known as Vale Tudo or Freefighting. These events have grown in popularity over the past few years and have become a part of popular culture just as kickboxing was in the 70’s and 80’s. Many people now seek to learn this “new” martial art when in all actuality, it has existed for many thousands of years. The earliest record of martial arts in China was of an art known as Goti. This was practiced by Mongolian people and has been refined into an art form now known as Shuai Ciao or Mongolian Wrestling.

It is a complete system of stand up and ground fighting as well as weapons fighting. As time has gone on, many more arts have developed based on religious practice, geography and philosophy. While some arts simply rely on one facet of fighting, we prefer to prepare ourselves for all facets of fighting. This is what Tai Yang Tzu Jan Men is! It is a complete system of training both internal and external power as well as the body, mind and spirit. Truly a Personal Combat System Through training, Tzu Jan Men enhances the spirit and the mind, regulates the circulation of Chi (vital energy) and develops physical sensitivity. When the body is in harmony, you will live a long and healthy life. The purpose of martial arts is to live a long, healthy and enjoyable life, free from illness. Fighting skills are learned to allow you to defend yourself, to increase your self confidence and power. Self awareness is also increased, allowing you to experience your limitations and develop beyond them. Avoiding confrontation, minimizing stress and developing strategies for successfully dealing with the environment and society are all necessary studies if you want to lead a happy life. Correct training of the mind, body and spirit ensures that your spontaneous reaction will be effective and powerful.

These skills are also applicable in all areas of your life. In addition to defense and conditioning, martial arts also helps one get rid of bad habits and can increase one’s energy and spirit. It can offer ten times the benefits of any other hobby. It promotes people’s mental and physical health, and enhances friendship through joint efforts in international research and friendly competitions. Essentially, martial arts is a practical study for self-enhancement and the foundation for nurturing a strong will. Chinese martial arts are profound, the more one learns the deeper one finds it. When one can reach the point where “essence” is developed in the bones and “chi” in marrow, long-life and long-lasting vision will result. Martial arts does not only help one build a healthy body, it also helps build a dignified personality and a joyous charitable spirit. As learning progresses, boundless energy and hand and eye dexterity will be attained, and one’s character will become flexible and honest. To this end, one can easily achieve goals of helping others, benefitting oneself, and living in harmony with all.

The Nature Fist is considered a lost art and we are one of only a few schools in North America that teach this style. Our Natural Style was put together by Grandmaster Ward and incorporates elements of Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Indonesian, Filipino and Thai arts. It is a complete system of health, self defense and wellness for anyone! Make no mistake, I am not disrespecting Mixed Martial Arts competition. I am a fan. I am also a fan of realistic training and fighting in a ring has rules and regulations. Rules that are not followed by the common thug on the street. The Natural Style was and still is one of the highest level arts taught and we firmly believe in its combat effectiveness. We are not only fighters, we are healers and we take a well rounded approach to training and wellness. We practice true mixed martial arts!

Sifu Eric Marks